Colonial Command (COLCOM)

ColComThe UCE’s military and police arm. All fleet and ground operations are led by Colonial Command. Headquarters are on Prometheus space station. Colonial Command’s main mission is to oversee all science and space exploration of the UCE and to protect Earth and her colonies.

United Colonies of Earth (UCE)

UCE (1)The governing body of Earth and her colonies. Established in 2037 the UCE was originally called the United Continents of Earth and became the first “World Government”. With the expansion into space and the colonization of other worlds the name was later changed in 2068 to the United Colonies of Earth.


Human Groups


arconArcon Industries is the largest company in Colonial Space. They produce all of the ships, weapons, terraforming units, and major technologies. The company is so massive that they have a great deal of political influence as well as widespread physical presence everywhere of note. Because Arcon industries employs so many people from so many different colonies, the character of the company is very much determined by who you deal with and where.


SyndicateThe Syndicate is the largest known criminal organization in Colonial Space. They began as a single colony in the furthest reaches of the Viper region. Due to the great distance and lack of involvement with other colonies, this colony became very autonomous and dangerous over time. As time went on the ruling authority grew and became known as the Syndicate, which now has a much stronger presence in the region, as well as recorded criminal activity widespread throughout Colonial Space.

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)

ONIThe equivalent of the 21st Century’s CIA, the Office of Naval Intelligence is responsible for all intelligence gathering, espionage, and possible sabotage for the UCE.




Random Ship SymbolThe Eribus, from what we can tell, are an incredibly ancient alien race. They are thousands of years ahead of us technologically. We have no knowledge of just how big their empire is, but from what we can tell they have been expanding and conquering their way through space for thousands of years. Because of their massive expansion, their greatest threat seems to be their own lack of unity and hunger for power.

Whenever we explore into new space we regularly find evidences of Erebus presence. In fact, nearly every uninhabited planet we have found has had ruins and battle scars from what seems to be Eribus vs Eribus conflict.


Akritiri SymbolThe Saurucians are a proud, war-oriented, alien race. Their leading characteristics are their fierce loyalty and united nature. They are not known to ever take prisoners, retreat, or surrender during conflicts and will regularly fight to the death.

They have had numerous conflicts with the Eribus Empire that left the majority of their forces decimated. Because of this they are extremely defensive and in search of redemption. The border we share with them has always been a source of great tension for Humans and Saurucians alike.


greyThe grey are an extremely mysterious race that we have had no recorded contact with. All reports are rumor based from first hand accounts. The first came from the crew of the very first colonizing ships. As they passed the moon on their way out the crew reported seeing ships leaving the dark side of the moon after detonating the installations they had there.  Other similar reports have come in throughout the years and seem to always be based around the Grey ships leaving what appears to be a surveillance location.


It is unsure at this point whether the REALG are a real or not. They are said to be the result of illegal genetic experimentation in what has been called the Real-G project, but no physical evidence supports this fact. Every report to date says they are extremely dangerous and due to their accelerated metabolism and unique genetic framework are able to survive in extreme environments by consuming any living organisms in the area to quickly adapt and evolve.  The overwhelming belief is that every instance of contact with the “REALG” was imagined by the crews as a result of exposure to hallucinogens or possible oxygen deprivation.


Sector I – Capitol Region

The Capitol Region is where Earth is located; the homeworld of the Human race. Earth, Alpha Centauri, and Mars colonies are located in this region. The area has few official voting colonies, but due to the high populations of the colonies that do vote, their representation in the colonial house makes up nearly half of the membership. This sector is made up primarily of wealthy research facilities, political gathering points, and high-ticket real estate.

This Capitol is defined by 3 things: politics, comfortable living, and military strength thanks to the presence of the Prometheus Docking Station – headquarters of Colonial Command.

Sector II – Industrial Sector

The industrial Sector is the third most populous region but is the most wealthy of the colonial regions. The Headquarters for Arcon Industries is located in this region. There are only three voting colonies and it’s influence in the the house and senate is primarily felt through its aggressive lobbying efforts.

Nearly every high capacity production facility is located here due to the presence of necessary resources in the region. Because of this you will regularly find heavily equipped private security fleets that operate under the direction of the companies in the sector.

Sector III – Viper Territory

Home to only two colonies and less than a tenth of the human population this territory is the most unstable of the regions. This is also where the criminal group known as the Syndicate started and is most heavily concentrated.

Those in Viper Territory fear each other far more than those from Colonial Command. The overwhelming criminal and black market activity has made this region a magnet for instability and danger. The only real redeeming quality in Viper Territory is the purpose it serves to Colonial Command. Because Viper Territory sits adjacent to the Saurucians, this territory is considered the *Buffer Zone* between the Saurucians and man. Because of the lack of stability and organized activity the Saurucians have largely considered this region of space as worthless.

Sector IV – The Outer-rim

A third of the Human race dwells in this region of space and just under half of the official colonies (7) are located in the outer rim. This is a peaceful region full of explorers and entrepreneurs. This region has experienced massive population and area growth the entire time the Colonies have existed and is the primary consumer of necessary goods and services. Besides the high population, the Outer-rim is also the largest and fastest growing region of Colonial Space.

Population and Economic Breakdown:









8,550,000,000 (45%)

2,850,000,000 (15%)

6,270,000,000 (33%)

1,330,000,000 (7%)



714,235,200,000,000 (48%)

476,156,800,000,000 (32%)

312,477,900,000,000 (21%)

133,919,100,000,000 (9%)

Timeline of Major Events

  • 1903 – First powered flight
  • 1957 – First animal in space (Laika the dog)
  • 1961 – First human in space (Yuri Gagarin)
  • 1969 – First man on the moon (Neil Armstrong)
  • 1977 – First deep space probe launched (Voyager 1)
  • 1981 – Shuttle Columbia successfully launched
  • 1990 – Hubble telescope launched
  • 1997 – Pathfinder lands on mars
  • 2009 – Kepler launched in search of new planets
  • 2010 – Virgin Galactic and SpaceX become first private companies in space
  • 2012 – Voyager 1 reaches interstellar space
  • 2012 – First warp technology is experimented with by NASA
  • 2020 – Fusion is discovered
  • 2022 – Second International Space Station is completed.
  • 2030 – Asteroid hits off the coast of Russia and sends the Earth into chaos
  • 2031-2037- World War 3 (600 million dead)
  • 2037 – All nations are unified under the new government called the United Continents of Earth
  • 2039 – Mars Colony begins construction
  • 2051 – Colony Ships sent out
  • 2055 – FIrst warp engine is tested on the ship “Enterprise”
  • 2057- Colony Ships reach first out of solar system world is landed on and construction for colonization begins.
  • 2059 – FIrst shipyard in space constructed. Colonization of 3 more worlds begins.
  • 2060-2080- Great Colonization Period- During this span of 20 years over 15 planets were landed on and begun colonization efforts – The human race’s population tripled.
  • 2072 – Artificial Gravity is created
  • 2077-2080 – Outer Colonies Insurrection put down. Order established. Colonization continues
  • 2105 – First Contact with aliens is made (Eribus)